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NORTHFUTSAL Partnerships


NORTHFUTSAL Partnerships Introduced

October 10, 2020 - The Northeast Futsal Association is pleased to introduce its professional partners this season. We are excited to connect our brand with other quality organizations and provide our customers and staff with the best services available.

The Northeast Futsal Association is excited to bring together the best in futsal services this winter.

Take a look at the professional organizations that help us play FUTSAL AT ITS BEST!



Bay State Games Logo.png

Alexandria Soccer Association offers soccer and futsal programs for kids and adults of all abilities and ages. ASA has hosted the America's Cup since 2016 and the 200-team tournament has also become the NORTHFUTSAL Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship.

Bay State Games attracts more than 7,000 athletes from the state of Massachusetts, who compete in over 30 different sports. BSG will host the NORTHFUTSAL Massachusetts State Championship.

HUB Sports Boston hosts professionally run sports leagues for adults that provide an exceptional level of service. NORTHFUTSAL  is the official adult league futsal partner.

Infinity Futsal gives the youth of Houston another avenue to express their passion for soccer. Infinity has hosted the Winter Blast since 2019 and the 100-team tournament has also become the NORTHFUTSAL Southwest Regional Championship.

Montesilvano Cup is an international youth tournament taking annually takes place in June in Montesilvano, Italy. NORTHFUTSAL has hosted the Northeast Futsal Festival since 2019 and the 200-team tournament has also become the NORTHFUTSAL North American Championship and the official qualifier to the Montesilvano Cup.




Academy Soccer Coach provides the Next Generation Platform for Sports Coaching. With their software, we are able to create and share our easy-to-follow curriculum feating session diagrams and plans that you can access across all your devices.


Futsal Academy is a online channel for amateurs and professional futsal coaches and players. Their videos are designed to help you to improve and innovate in the futsal game.

Rookie Road is the online destination for learning sports and becoming a new fan. We are excited to introduce futsal to their platform.




Puma is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

We Got Soccer is the nation's premier destination for everything soccer - available through our beautiful retail stores or on-line at




Chappell Insurance has earned the reputation as a leader in providing amateur sports insurance coverage across the country. For more than 39 years, Chappell Insurance has provided vital insurance protection for thousands of teams, leagues, tournaments and the facilities where sports are played every day.




Halpern Travel is a sports travel management company specializing in event and tournament housing services for team travel to sports events and tournaments.

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